Research Groups

The SFB IMMUNOMETABOLISM unites seven established laboratories in Austria with expertise spanning mouse genetics, energy and lipid metabolism, immunology, biophysics, epigenetics, microbiome expertise, cell biology, human and mouse organoid cultures, and molecular pathology to maximize the potential for investigation of the immunological role of metabolism in macrophages in human health and disease.

Project Leader

Gerda Egger, Medical University of Vienna

Metabolic crosstalk and epigenomic reprogramming of macrophages and colon cancer


Project Leader

Arvand Haschemi, Medical University of Vienna

Metabolic heterogeneity of macrophages in intestinal tissues

Project Leader

Group Christine Moissl-Eichinger, Medical University of Graz

The microbiome-macrophage interaction in health and disease

Project Leader

Elena Pohl, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

Mitochondrial UCP2 and the metabolic flexibility of adipose tissue macrophages

Associated Researcher

Thomas Rattei, University of Vienna

Computational modelling and comparison of metabolic crosstalk in tissues

Project Leader

Gernot Schabbauer, Medical University of Vienna

Lipid buffering macrophages in adipose tissue

Project Leader, Co-Coordinator

Martina Schweiger, University of Graz

Immunometabolic cues guiding adipose tissue remodeling in cachexia

Thomas Weichhart

Project Leader, Coordinator

Thomas Weichhart, Medical University of Vienna

Macrophage metabolites controlling epithelial colon homeostasis


A Special Research Program funded by the Austrian Science Fund

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