Computational modelling and comparison of metabolic crosstalk in tissues

The precise metabolic status of immune cells residing in their native tissue environments, where the metabolic milieu is different to cell culture conditions, is largely unknown. Moreover, the adaption of macrophages to the certain metabolic environment is very likely to be tissue-specific. We plan to elucidate basic metabolic tissue-specific principles of macrophages in a structured pipeline approach in vivo, in situ, and ex vivo. We will perform a cross-species comparison to illuminate conserved metabolic principles. Importantly, we will consider the complexity of the tissue environment in vivo, consisting of a tissue specific mix of metabolites and other soluble factors in addition to the non-soluble cues detected by cells. Together, this will establish a comprehensive and structured reverse engineered dataset to define and compare the metabolic configuration of mouse and human macrophage populations in vivo

Thomas Rattei

University of Vienna
Centre for Microbiology and Environmental Systems Science
Carl-Djerassi-Gasse 1
1030 Vienna

Project Members

Roko Sango
PhD Student
SFB Member

A Special Research Program funded by the Austrian Science Fund

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